Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the ALT001 unit has a breathalyzer that does this.
Yes we have bluetooth fuel probes that does that.
yes, we have a wide range of dashcams which are AI powered to give top level videos.
Yes, you have a extensive menu that allows you to choose the functions you need whilst still having all reports in a Single Window Platform?
We offer upto 5 year leases subject to credit rating approval.

Yes, the ALTMB002 unit tracks motor bikes and offers driver behaviour too. If necessary we can provider speed governors for motor bikes as well.
Yes, our Smart Water meters can read from over 3kms away and can also be shut off remotely.
Our Smart Helmets have video cameras in built that allow you to see what the person is seeing.
Yes, a visit to our offices in LAXCON PLAZA will allow you to see all our IOT products.