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About Altech Kenya

A futuristic and hassle free IoT solutions Company.

ALTECH KENYA LIMITED is an IoT company that provides futuristic and hassle-free solutions. Located in LAXCON PLAZA - Nairobi on the first floor, we have the latest devices that are easy to configure and install. These IoT solutions for the future are here today. You can choose from a wide variety of solutions in the areas of Logistics (for trucks, cars. motorbikes), Home Security, Water Management, Video Telematics, Law Enforcement, Construction and Mining, Marine Boat Telematics, Fuel Management, Tanker management, Container tracking to name a few.

Using the vast knowledge of the founders, ALTECH KENYA LIMITED facilitates its clients to access data connecting ANYTHING TO EVERYTHING. In today’s world, we all want to have our assets inter-connected and to know exactly where they are, what is happening and who is using them. With a single window platform using Wi-Fi, Cellular connectivity, LAN, and VPN – this is now possible and accessible on the SAGLOBAL mobile platform. DISTRIBUTORS of ALTECH KENYA LIMITED are available in almost all East African countries, Southern Africa and West Africa.

This family of distributors provides these IoT solutions within your home country. Send in your inquiry now.

Altech Kenya Limited has appointed distributors all over Africa and continues to spread its wings to ease the ability to grow business in the continent. Every journey has a beginning and a direction. However, the destination remains the focus of each entity.

The provision of the internet cuts through the boundaries and borders and binds us all together as Africans. Video Telematics brings the power of your visual sight to your hands to allow companies to reach their targets.

Our Mission

  • To provide a One-Stop Shop for multiple IoT hardware units.
  • Provide Web based universal Access to all data with easy to use reports and dashboard.

Our Vision

  • Be the IOT Web based Platform of CHOICE.
  • Be the best VALUE for Money.
  • Be seen and RECOGNIZED.
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There is a rising need to be connected to 'Things' especially those of value to the owner. Altech Kenya offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that enables anyone to literally connect to 'everything' for every industry to foster innovation and productivity.

Internet of Things(IoT) is an ecosystem of connected devices that exchanges data over a wired or wireless network. These devices could be smartphones, computers, smart electric appliances, vehicles, cargo, bikes, smart office equipment or anything tagged with sensors.

Data generated by these devices is uploaded to the servers located in cloud or on-premise, where it is processed and analysed for the end-user to gain insights that help in decision making. The IoT ecosystem can be found in our homes and offices as they become Smart. It can also be seen in larger areas like gated communities, schools and cities.


Carnegie Mellon University’s Soda vending Machine

A graduate student in computer science department wants to know if his department’s soda vending machine has cold soda bottles but doesn’t want to go all the way there , with the help of two fellow students and a research engineer, they develop a code that can let anyone on the university ARPANET monitor the status of the vending machine; whether it has soda and whether the temperature. This sparked evolution of IoT!


World Wide Web (WWW) Framework

Tim Berners Lee a computer scientist proposes the framework of the World Wide Web and lays the foundation of the Internet.


Toaster Connected to the internet

MIT's John Romkey invents a toaster that can be switched on & off via the Internet. It was connected to a computer since Wi-Fi was not there yet, It's considered to be the world’s first ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things - or rather the world's first IoT device.


The Trojan Room Coffee Pot

Paul Jardetzky & Quentin Stafford-Fraser from the University of Cambridge build the Trojan Room Coffee Pot in their computer laboratory. An image of its interior was uploaded to the building’s server thrice every minute for people to check the level of coffee when they want coffee.


The Term IoT coined

Kevin Ashton the Executive Director of Auto-ID Labs at MIT, coins the term Internet of Things (IoT) in a presentation at Proctor & Gamble about linking RFIDs in their supply chain to the internet. The term starts to be used widely in mainstream publications


UN International Telecommunication Report

The United Nations International Telecommunications Union acknowledges the impact of IoT in its report.


World's first IoT Conference

IoT conference is held in Zurich, bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to take part in the sharing of knowledge.


UN International Telecommunication Report

The United Nations International Telecommunications Union acknowledges the impact of IoT in its report.


Current Trends in IoT

With the exponential growth of IoT, demand is expected to continue over and over. The time to prepare for the future of wireless is now. Altech Kenya will literally Connect you to Everything!